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Small Business Phone Systems

TalkSwitch® is the fully hybrid small business phone system. It works with traditional and Voice over IP (VoIP) lines and can be used in a company with 2–64 users. TalkSwitch™ phone systems improve your image, save you money and keep you connected everywhere.

  • All the main features of large phone systems at a small system price.
  • Designed specifically with small businesses in mind; easy to install and manage (70% of users install the phone system themselves).
  • TalkSwitch phone systems grow with you as your firm expands; you only buy the capacity you need at the current time.
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Features and Benefits

Inexpensive: The most cost effective small business phone system on the market.
Remote extensions: Integrate any external phone (cell, home phone, etc) with the TalkSwitch system.
Call cascade: Route calls quickly and efficiently to an employee’s office phone, mobile phone, or home office.
Owner friendly™: Easy to install, use and maintain.
Simple call management: Manage all calls to the company quickly and easily.
Attendant console software: Optional visual call control interface allows seamless transfer and management of calls from a PC. Customers experience much less time on hold, more time buying!
Call Reporting software: Optional application provides great detail on all calls, including duration, transfers, time on hold, and much more.
Client prioritization: Prioritize calls and deal with the most important client first using Attendant Console.
Flexibility: Use regular telephone lines or cost-saving Voice over IP lines interchangeably and seamlessly, without expensive add-ons or additional costs.
Expandability: Buy what you need today, and TalkSwitch systems will grow with you as your company grows.

Frequently asked questions

Which phones should I use with my TalkSwitch system?
TalkSwitch offers a full range of telephones that are tailor-made to work with their systems, but you’re not tied to their phones. TalkSwitch systems work with standard analog telephones, including cordless and cordless digital (900 MHz, 2.4 GHz) phones. TalkSwitch also works with selected IP phones and softphones.
What is the difference between extensions and lines?
Lines are the connections to the telephone network supplied to you by your telephone company. Extensions are the telephones attached to telephone lines. TalkSwitchsystems allow two or more extensions to use the same line.
Can I install the TalkSwitch® system myself?
Yes, and many TalkSwitch customers do. TalkSwitch installation is designed to be simple enough that customers can do it themselves. The complexity of the installation depends on the wiring in your office. It is particularly straightforward in any new office building with typical "star" wiring. If this is the case, you will only need to plug in your phones. Alternatively, you can hire Bastionpoint Technology to wire and/or install TalkSwitch systems for you.
Can I upgrade voicemail time?
Yes. Voicemail time can be increased by 1, 2, 4.5 or 9 hours per TalkSwitch unit by adding TalkSwitch memory cards.
Can I upgrade the capacity of my TalkSwitch system?
The maximum capacity of TalkSwitch systems is 32 traditional lines, 32 VoIP lines, 64 local and 40 remote extensions. You can increase the capacity of your TalkSwitch system to these limits by either adding upgrade kits, additional IP extensions or networking multiple systems.
How do remote extensions work?
TalkSwitch remote extensions allow you to stay connected anywhere. Remote extensions treat external phones as local extensions. Calls made to your office can be forwarded by TalkSwitch to any other land line, cell phone or pager. Once you’ve entered the remote phone number in the TalkSwitch configuration (up to 10 per TalkSwitch unit), it’s accessed by a 3-digit remote extension number. Calls are forwarded by dialing out on one of your phone lines.
Does the TalkSwitch system automatically detect faxes?
Yes. If your calls are answered by the auto attendant, it can automatically detect faxes and route them to your fax machine. With automatic fax detection, you don’t need a dedicated fax line.
Can TalkSwitch systems handle incoming calls differently after hours?
Yes. With mode scheduling, 3 sets of call answering options can be set up. You can greet callers with one message during business hours, a different one after hours and another on holidays.
What is call cascade?
Call cascade is a powerful, flexible feature of TalkSwitch that routes calls through a series of options if the targeted extension isn’t available. Call cascade settings can be configured to ring other local extensions, remote extensions or ring groups, or it can send calls to another announcement or to voicemail. Different call cascades can be triggered depending on whether the target extension is busy, not answered, on "do not disturb" or screens the call.
What is the difference between PBX and Key systems?
Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and key systems allow their users to share telephone company lines between multiple telephone users. PBX systems automate this function and typically offer many additional features. Key systems show which lines are in use via lights on the phones. TalkSwitch systems can do both at the same time.

Hardware image(s) reprinted with permission from TalkSwitch®.