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Managed Backup & Restore Solution

Everyone knows that backups are necessary and critical to the proper operation and continued survival of almost every business. With so many options available, choosing the proper backup solution can be very difficult. Bastionpoint Technology has invested an enormous amount of research time comparing and reviewing various backup solutions and their cost effectiveness. Our solution incorporates the best features of many offerings into an inexpensive and comprehensive package that will meet the needs of almost any business. We invite you to view our online backup presentation for a "crash course" on our Managed Backup and Restore solution.

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Our online backup presentation

Our Managed Backup features:

  • Image based backups that capture all of the data on the protected computer
  • Onsite and redundant offsite backup
  • Backup of Active Directory, Exchange, and SQL databases
  • Hands free operation, no media to swap or track
  • Super fast backup jobs and low bandwidth requirements
  • Monitored backup progress and reporting
  • Little or no startup cost, use your existing hardware

Our Managed Restore features:

  • Super fast local restore and restore from remote over the Internet
  • Bare Metal restore straight from CD
  • Universal restore to different hardware
  • Remote to fast local restore via disk or DVD
  • Restore to Virtual Machine
  • Same day recovery from a computer crash
  • Same day or next day recovery from a disaster scenario

Service Online Backup Mozy Pro/Carbonite Tape Image Software Acronis, Symantec SR Online Backup and Image Software Bastionpoint Managed Backup
Remote/Offsite Backup          
Low Bandwidth Requirements          
Local Backup          
Multiple Restore Points Possible        
Server Recovery Images          
Disaster Recovery Images          
Virtual Server Recovery          
Administration Free          
Backup Time Frame Minutes or Hours Hours Minutes Minutes or Hours Minutes
Restore Time for Files Minutes or Hours Minutes or Hours Minutes Minutes Minutes
Restore Time for Server Crash 2+ Days 2 Days 2-4 Hours 2-4 Hours 2-4 Hours
Restore Time for Disaster No 2+ Days No No 1 Day
Restore to Different Hardware No Possible      
Reliability B C A A A+
Up Front Cost $0 $3,500 $1,157 $1,157 $0
Monthly Cost (50 GB) $32 $0 $0 $32 $55
Annual Cost (50 GB) $384 $500 $763 $1,147 $660
3 Year Cost (50 GB) $1,152 $4,500 $2,683 $3,451 $1,980