Your foundation for a better network

Why are you here?

You have decided that you are interested in doing business with the best computer and network service company in Richmond Virginia, Bastionpoint Technology. You are a decision maker or influential member of your company and you are making a wise choice that will strengthen your business and help you achieve your business goals.

How can we say we are the best?

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by having the best people. All service, no matter the industry, is performed by a person or team. The quality of that service is dependent on the people providing the service. Our team is comprised of ethical, experienced, and motivated people that love technology and love helping and serving others.

How do we do it?

Focus . We provide computer and network service to small businesses. We concentrate all of our time providing that specific service and we are experts at it. We invest in the best people, research, and infrastructure so that we can provide superb service to small businesses.

We know this is a big decision

You want a new IT service provider. Either your needs are not being met or you have new business goals that you need help achieving. We want to help. We are honest, open people eager to discuss your needs and how we can meet and exceed them. Contact us and congratulate yourself for your insight and your commitment to the success of your business.


...[Bastionpoint Technology] has been very effective in dealing with our situations

Bastionpoint Technology has been effective in meeting our company's needs

...effectiveness has never been an issue. We always receive excellent service.

...they are exceptional [we] have never delt with a company that cares as much as they do...

Thank you for your honesty, integrity, and concern for our needs.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for fixing ALL of our problems so quickly...

Bastionpoint Technology is a very responsive, easy to work with company. We have a small, two person shop with no IT support, so we rely on Bastionpoint to fill that need and are very satisfied with them and would highly recommend them to others.

Jason has always done a great job! He has come to our rescue on many occasions.

Bastionpoint Technology provides superior service in a professional manner.

We have been extremely pleased and impressed with the service provided since day one.